“I wanted a firm that shared my values in assisting clients resolve their tax, business and family concerns and Broad and Cassel fit this requirement.” – Holly O’Neill, Partner

Summer Associate Program

As a Summer Associate with Broad and Cassel, our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to gain substantive and practical knowledge while also having real experiences. We want to make you an integral part of the team so you can see what it is like to be a lawyer within our offices. From participating in client meetings to working with clients, we strive to make the summer experience as realistic as possible. In addition, we want you to get to know our lawyers so you can better understand our Firm’s culture and long history.

Broad and Cassel does not have a formal rotation system, and as a result, Summer Associates are given work from a variety of practice areas throughout the course of the summer. One senior attorney or Partner is assigned to act as a mentor throughout the summer, and our goal is to give Summer Associates constructive feedback on their work. The assignments are similar to the work given to junior associates.

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“I was recruited by the Firm during law school, and jumped at the opportunity based on the established reputation and strength of the Firm, the mentors with whom I’d work, and the chance to more quickly establish my practice. It was clear, even as an intern, that I would be a valued member of the Firm, and given the chance to prove myself with the Firm’s diverse and prestigious clients. My career was soon catapulted through early successes in high-profile matters, as part of the commercial litigation practice group. The Firm has continued to support me in the strategic development and evolution of my practice. Nearly 16 years later, all under the Broad and Cassel flag, I feel fortunate to have helped grow the Firm’s valued clients, many of whom are leaders in their respective industries. I’ve found these clients proud to call Broad and Cassel their legal team. Of course, the highest compliment a client can pay is in the form of repeat business, and it has been a privilege to be able to serve repeat clients, some for many years. And with a variety of practice group expertise in all corners of the State, I have been able to retain clients within the Firm through colleagues to whom I can reliably turn for the same level of service. This is the same collegial group of people who stood by me when life took some unexpected and difficult turns. Along the way, I’ve observed a culture of ethical, passionate, qualified, and efficient representation that has been consistently reinforced at every corporate gathering, with leadership who insist on excellence. Our model functions best with like-minded lawyers who appreciate the value of hard work and accountability to clients and each other. And those are the lawyers who thrive at Broad and Cassel, and will continue the Broad and Cassel legacy for another 75 years. I look forward to continuing my part in that legacy and expanding our team of talented professionals.” – Mark Barber, Partner

“I have been an employee of Broad and Cassel since 2010. I was a young law student with no legal experience whatsoever, privileged enough to be hired as a summer associate. I fell in love with our Firm during that first summer. I stayed on part time through my 3L year of law school, only taking a break to study for the bar exam. After passing the bar, I was hired full time. In my over six years here, I have met, interacted with, and been trained by some of the most knowledgeable and talented lawyers there are, all of whom are employees of this wonderful Firm. I owe all of my legal successes and advancements to that training and to those lawyers. More important, however, are the personal relationships I developed over that time. From our administrative staff, to our lawyers, to our managing partners, we are truly a family here. And while many law firms employ good lawyers, I have to believe the types of personal relationships fostered at our Firm are rare indeed. I am so proud, every single day, to be a representative of Broad and Cassel.” – Chris Cavallo, Associate