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Tort Law

To help injured parties we have established the Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Practice Group, a group of dedicated attorneys and support staff that focuses exclusively on the representation of individuals who have suffered serious injuries or lost a family member due to a wrongful death. Our attorneys are also experienced in handling personal injury and wrongful death appeals.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Experience

Our objective is to obtain the best result possible for our clients. We invest the time and effort to learn as much as possible about our clients’ claim and then develop a tailor-made strategy to best reach our goal.

Because each client’s situation is unique, formula approaches do not apply. We have introduced today’s most innovative legal strategies and techniques and have invested in state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, we are committed to outstanding client service. Your phone calls are promptly returned and no issue is too small to command our attention. Where appropriate, we work with attorneys throughout our Firm to provide the most experienced and knowledgeable advice on a specific matter.

Our clients take comfort in knowing that their interests are being handled by one of Florida’s largest and most respected law firms. We have nine offices across Florida and have practiced throughout the state in both state and federal courts. Competence, advocacy, professionalism and a deep respect for privacy and discretion are assured at all times.

Personal injury and wrongful death cases are handled on a contingency fee basis so there is no fee without recovery.

The Types of Cases We Handle

In addition to automobile negligence and slip and fall cases, personal injury lawyers in the firm have handled the following types of actions:

  • against contractor, engineer and other third party responsible for death of father due to negligence in design and maintenance of road construction site in an automobile accident
  • against landlord where tenant sustained an electrical shock due to faulty wiring and developed post-traumatic multiple sclerosis
  • against a machine rental company for failure to have safety guard installed which resulted in an amputation
  • against a construction company alleging unsafe construction site scaffolding causing client to fall and sustain serious injury
  • against manufacturer of chain binder where client suffered injury to knee and had multiple surgeries
  • against manufacturer and distributor of scissor lift on construction site due to improper design of product
  • against insurance carriers for drunk driver when client developed traumatically-induced Alzheimer’s disease
  • for damages due to slip and fall where employees failed to post required warning signs
  • for damages due to traumatic brain injury caused by severe impacts in automobile collisions
  • against subcontractor for creating dangerous condition on work site
  • against day care center for failure to properly supervise classroom where child injured
  • against golf cart driver for injuries to golfer
  • against owner of boat for negligence in operating vessel
  • for damages due to slip and fall against repair company which negligently repaired air conditioner, causing water to accumulate on floor
  • against restaurant that had model train arrangement which fell on client, fracturing her wrist
  • against corporation for negligently maintaining pool steps, causing client to slip and sustain severe injury
  • against taxi cab for striking motorcyclist, causing severe injury
  • against dog owner for damages to child due to dog bites
  • against vending company for failing to maintain its machine which cooled water, causing a dangerous condition which led to slip and fall
  • against resort hotel for negligence in supervision of swimmer who died from drowning
  • against driver for causing collision which led to blindness of client
  • against driver for striking an elderly crossing guard, causing serious injury
  • against driver and construction company whose combined negligence caused death of motorcyclist