Broad and Cassel LLP was founded in 1946 in Miami by Shepard Broad and Alvin Cassel.

The Firm is a statewide full service law firm with 170 attorneys admitted to practice law and in good standing with The Florida Bar and more than 250 staff in ten offices located in Boca Raton, Destin, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, Tallahassee, Tampa and West Palm Beach. The Firm has made a conscious decision to be located exclusively in, and throughout, the State of Florida.

“Their knowledge of the law and their ability to get the job done speaks volumes.” – Chambers USA 2012

Over the years, we have developed a keen understanding of how government works at the local, regional, state and federal levels. In many areas, we have been largely responsible for drafting and shaping the law. Our knowledge and expertise, combined with our focus on excellent client service, has made Broad and Cassel one of Florida’s leading law firms.


The story of Broad and Cassel’s founding is an unlikely one, beginning with a simple breakfast meeting between two relative strangers. Shepard Broad and Alvin Cassel could not have been less alike in their strengths and temperaments, yet the small law firm they founded was destined to attract some of the brightest talent in the Florida legal profession and would grow well beyond its South Florida origins.

“…the Firm has grown from a one office practice with a focus on banking and finance to a statewide, full-service law firm with ten locations”

Broad and Cassel was founded on January 1, 1946 in Miami. Since then, the Firm has grown from a one office practice with a focus on banking and finance to a statewide, full-service law firm with ten locations throughout Florida.

As Broad and Cassel grew, leadership guided the Firm to strive to become the best law firm in Florida, not the biggest. Cassel stated, “I think that a lawyer’s most important asset is his reputation…If his reputation is good, then he has a chance to be successful.” Broad and Cassel has valued commitment, excellence and integrity from the start; the Firm’s founders never had a piece of paper between them and, according to Cassel, “never needed one.” They were a good team and created an environment of trust and respect that still exists today.


Long-term relationships with clients are highly valued, and some clients have been with the Firm for decades. Broad and Cassel attorneys endeavor to serve as trusted advisors throughout the United States and abroad. The Firm forms lasting relationships: every client is a peer, partner and friend. These long-lasting relationships allow the Firm to tailor its approach to the individual needs of each client from the smallest details, including client interests and issues, to the bigger picture – the nation’s economy and its ever-changing statutes and laws.

Over the years, Broad and Cassel has made several strategic decisions that have helped the Firm maintain a competitive advantage. The most vital strategy over the course of the Firm’s more than 70 years has been the ability to adapt to a shifting marketplace, and over time the practice areas have grown strategically to better serve clients. Broad found “joy in seeing the two man law firm of Shepard Broad and Alvin Cassel…grow to the size it is now and to the many accomplishments we can point to in our past.” In addition to this responsiveness to change, maintaining a strong capital base has enabled Broad and Cassel to weather multiple recessions and remain profitable.